From Donuts to Rugby

Today ended up being a no-sewing day. It started with a drive to get donuts for the family. After breakfast, Lina, Jasper and I picked up Mercy’s friend Daniel and dropped him off at the plasma donation place. Then we dropped Jasper back off at the Boat and RV show, where he worked all day in the 4-H room.

Lina and I continued on to the yarn store because their semi-annual sale will be ending at the end of the month. We both found a couple of things we couldn’t live without!

By the time we made it back to our side of town, Daniel was ready to be picked up, so we got him and dropped him back off at the university.

After lunch and a brief rest, we headed over to the campus for Spencer’s rugby game. It was windy and chilly, and I was not dressed warmly enough, so my enjoyment of the game was hampered somewhat. Spencer played the whole game. His newly-married buddy Britton and his wife also came to watch. My husband came too–I think maybe this is the only game of Spencer’s he’s been able to go to. He yelled very loudly. I bet that lots of people who know my husband don’t know that he undergoes a significant personality change when watching a soccer or rugby game. Normally he’s very mild mannered–but not at a game!

Our team lost, but it was a close game and we were very proud of Spencer. It takes several opponents to take him down!

After the game, Lina went to fetch Jasper and I ran another errand. Then I put together one of my classic Saturday meals using virtually all the leftovers in the fridge. It was pretty good! Afterwards my husband wanted to watch a movie so Lina and I watched with him and got some knitting done.


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