Aldi, Robots & Handwork

Today was a busy day. I had to go to Aldi. I watched a poor young mother with a very lively toddler who did not want to stay put for even a second. She was wearing a rainbow princess dress and she was adorable. But the mom just wanted to get her groceries into the car and she had a newborn baby strapped to her chest and the little girl kept wanting to run off. The mom was terrified she’d run into traffic and not physically able to keep her corralled and still load groceries. The little girl reminded me of myself as a kid and I took a moment to feel sorry for my mother.

Then at lunchtime I drove Jasper over to the convention center, where he spend the afternoon in the 4-H room at the Boat and RV show. He was demonstrating robots and helping with the shooting booth. They are very short on volunteers so he will be going back again tomorrow.

While Jasper was gone I got some more work done on his cloak. I hope I have time to make some real headway on it tomorrow. He can’t wait for it to be operational!

I also finished knitting a hat for Lucy. It wasn’t exactly a Christmas present, just something I had promised her. I was glad to be done with it. So at the moment my only knitting project is the capelet I’ve started with the very fine alpaca from Bolivia. It will take months to make, I’m sure. But it will be so lovely and lightweight and suitable for this climate.

Spencer and Lucy were otherwise occupied this evening, so the rest of us sat down to watch a movie together and that’s why I got so much knitting done!

Up for tomorrow: a donut run, taking Jasper back to the convention center, yarn store, and rugby game!

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