Only a Month Late

Today we did school and then I had to rush off at lunchtime to get my name on the account for 4-H. It was a much more complicated process than I thought it would be, so we were at the bank for an hour. It turned out we needed a third signature, and fortunately the boy in question was free to drive over and sign!

I took a nap this afternoon–still dealing with the dregs of my cold and now dealing with some allergies too. I also tried out the new washing machine to prewash some fabric that I’m hoping to make stuff with.

In fact, since I finished a big writing project, I’m going to focus on sewing for a while. At least until I finish Jasper’s Christmas present! Last summer when I made the Desert Assassin Cloak to be raffled off at Realm Makers, I had Jasper model it and as a result he really wanted one for himself. At the time I was very burned out and I just said no. However, as I thought about it in the ensuing months, I was pretty sure I had enough fabric left over to do it.

Since I was so busy doing Christmas knitting before Christmas, I didn’t get much of a start on the cloak other than to get it cut out and get some of the pockets made. Today I made some headway–got the side seams sewn and one of the zippers in. Since I am 100% sure that Jasper will not be an actual desert assassin, I am leaving out the veil on this one, but all the other features should be there. It feels good to be sewing again.


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