Hay Fever

So you know how when we talk about “hay fever,” we actually mean “vague seasonal allergies to any type of pollen?” Allergies are the reason I don’t really look forward to spring that much. Today, as I was driving to the Dallas airport, I had a severe allergy attack. Uncontrollable sneezing, eyes watering and swelling, etc. Guess what I was driving behind? A pickup truck loaded with bales of hay.

I couldn’t stop sneezing until I sped up and passed the pickup truck. Then my symptoms went away like magic. So now I know–in addition to many other things, I am also allergic to actual hay.

I was driving to the airport to pick up Lina, who was returning from Colorado. It is good to have her back! After I got her, we stopped by the Indian grocery store to get some chai spices and then went on a very frustrating drive to the Ethiopian restaurant. I don’t know what Holly’s problem was. She made me drive all over the metroplex before we finally pulled up to the restaurant! It took way longer than it should have.

Apparently Wednesday night is not a big night for eating Ethiopian food. Lina and I were the only customers the whole time we were there. The food was so delicious. After that it was an easy but long drive home. I spent over seven hours driving today.

Meanwhile, Jasper was building robots with his 4-H agent so he can again demonstrate them at the RV show this weekend. He enjoys doing that.


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