Back in the Clothes-Washing Business

If I had blogged last night, I would have told you that the big news of the day was the arrival of our new washing machine. My husband went and picked it up and then spent a considerable amount of time setting it up, but we are finally back in business! For the next few days, I have a feeling that we will be washing some “backlog” loads, but thank goodness we can!

This morning I completed what for me is a momentous task. I finished a manuscript for the first time in a couple of years. I will blog more about it on my writer blog but I’m mentioning it here too just because I’m so happy about it and no one I know in person cares one way or the other! It feels so good to finish a story that I really love.

Today’s big task was cooking African food for the “Our World Café” international food tasting even that the university has every year. We have been making Zambian food for quite a few years now. Lucy mostly put it together. I cooked the chickens for her and also made a huge batch of dough for the mandazis. Bri and Janet came over to help her make them, and then Daniel came to help stir the nshima. It sounds like all of it went over well. There was even a Zambian girl who came from another university and was so excited to find some Zambian comfort food!

While they were getting ready to haul the food over to the university, I went to my critique group and writers meeting. We didn’t meet in December, so it was good to see my critique partners again. It’s kind of interesting to me how my world has shifted over the last ten years. Ten years ago I was very much involved in my home school group and felt that the moms there were “my people.” Now I don’t feel that I belong in any home school group and can’t figure out how to fit back in. There doesn’t seem to be a “niche” for me anymore. I’m back to being mostly on my own. However, I do feel that I fit in with my writer friends, so that is the meeting I try to make a point of attending every month.

Tomorrow I will be driving in to Dallas to pick up Lina from the airport. She has been very busy in Colorado helping Flynn move from his apartment into temporary quarters for the next few weeks. Then he’ll have to move again . . .

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