This morning I got up well before dawn to see Mercy and Lina off. Two of Mercy’s friends also got up that early and helped load the car. They finally drove off a little before 5:30. I went back to bed, and then felt exhausted the rest of the day!

I did manage to drag myself to Aldi and get Jasper to do some school. And then, early this evening, Lucy came home from campus with the news that she was experiencing severe abdominal pain, and had been for several hours. Her friends were very concerned. After talking it over with her, we agreed she needed to go to the emergency room. Her symptoms sounded a lot like appendicitis, and as I know only too well, that is not something to mess with.

So, Bri came with us and we went to the hospital and did a lot of sitting around. Eventually they did a CAT scan, and the dye they used caused Lucy to break out into a miserably uncomfortable red rash. However, when the results came back it was such a relief. Not appendicitis, and not an ovarian cyst. Her bladder was inflamed so they are assuming it is an infection, and have put her on antibiotics. After four long hours, we were free to come home. I’m so relieved it was not as serious as we thought, and hope she feels better soon.

Oh, and Lina and Mercy made it safely to Colorado Springs.

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