Goodbye, Charlene

Sorry I didn’t post last night. What few words I had, I spent on my novel to keep from falling behind in my goals.

Three and a half years ago, Spencer worked hard all summer to make money to buy his first car, a Grand Am he named Charlene. He was so proud of that car.


That car took him to jobs at Hastings and Papa John’s pizza. It took him to concerts. It betrayed him spectacularly on his first big road trip to visit Mary and Jordan. But Charlene, who was kind of sketchy to begin with, finally developed some fatal flaws, and has been moribund for over a year. Last semester one of Spencer’s friends, who has the same model car, bought it for spare parts but then gave it back once he had taken what he needed.

So Charlene has been uglifying the road in front of our house for a couple of months now, and since Walter didn’t have to work yesterday, he and Spencer finally took her to the dump. There was time for one final photo:


And then she was gone. The day, however, had more car drama in store for us. The Suburban wouldn’t start. Walter got it going again, and Mercy took it out to run an errand, only to have the hood pop open while she was driving, so she pulled over and put her hazard lights on. Then Walter, who was running an errand in the van, saw her there and stopped to help. Somehow, during this process, the keys got locked in the car, so Walter came home to get the spare keys. By the time he got back, the hazard lights had drained the battery! Fun times in the rain.

Meanwhile, I had a class to prepare for, and I had to run an errand myself yesterday morning to get some paper I needed. I am still sick but taking meds helps! This semester I am teaching a class on essay writing and I have seven students, three of whom I had last semester. Only one of them is a kid I’ve never met before. They were all very quiet, but that is pretty typical for a first class. Hopefully they will be more willing to talk as we go along.

We finished off the day by watching a movie together. This morning I could no longer postpone the necessity of getting Jasper back to school. Lina and Mercy left early to get Mercy’s car aligned, and Jasper and I tried to get our brains back into algebra mode. It wasn’t easy for either of us, but we got through it!

I had to cancel my autoharp lesson because of my illness. The last thing I want to do is make my sweet teacher sick! But to my dismay, she won’t have another slot until March. I guess I’d better make sure I’ve made some real progress by then.

It was another rainy, rainy day. I took a nice long nap because I am really trying to get better and then I had to run an errand before sitting down with a nice hot mug of tea. Mercy is packing up to leave on Thursday and Lina will be going with her to help with driving.


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