In Which My Footwear Starts a Conversation

Yesterday (Sunday) I made my first airport run of this new year, going in to pick up Janet and her boyfriend. This is a 300 mile round trip, and yesterday it was a struggle as I was inexplicably tired.

So anyway, we got to the airport just as Janet’s flight landed, but there was a long delay in getting her luggage. I sat down on a bench at the gate where we had parked, and Lucy went down to wait with Janet and bring her back. The bench had four seats, the middle two of which were empty. I sat on one end and there was another lady on the other end, I’d say about ten years older than me.

After a good half hour of minding my own business and maybe dozing a little, the other woman spoke to me. “I just have to ask you a question.”

I nodded, wondering what was coming.

“Do you wear flip-flops most of the time?”

I don’t know what I expected, but that wasn’t it. Yes, I was wearing flip-flops, and yes, it was cold outside. It never occurred to me that someone would be curious enough about my choice of footwear to ask me about it! I admitted that I do wear flip-flops almost exclusively, and she reacted with great enthusiasm. She is a flip-flop wearer too, though yesterday she had donned sneakers because of the cold.

This led to us chatting for several minutes until Lucy returned with Janet and Aaron. You just never know!

We didn’t get home till almost midnight and I was very tired. I confess that I slept in this morning. Eventually, everybody got going. Spencer and Lucy had their first classes of the semester today. Spencer is taking a full schedule of college classes and Lucy is just taking two.

Jasper had a 4-H meeting this afternoon, and afterwards Lina and I went to Books-a-Million, where I might have picked up a few bargain books. I also wrote over 1300 words.

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