In Which House Guest Season (Apparently) Comes to an End

For fourteen out of the last twenty-one days, we have had house guests. This is normal for the holidays, and we love it, but I have to confess that I am looking forward to returning to a more normal routine. Bri was finally able to go home today, where she will be frantically packing for her return to school tomorrow! Daniel was also able to move back into the dorm today.

It was 16° when I got up this morning with the intention of buying donuts for breakfast. After yesterday’s shoe fail, I was not willing to put on my sneakers, which are my only actual shoes. (I wore them to Aldi and by the time I got home they hurt so much I came close to actually burning them.) So, I kept on my socks and slippers, and drove to the donut shop. No one was the wiser as I stayed in the car and went through the drive-through.

In the afternoon, I went calendar shopping at Books-a-Million. I love calendars. We have a lot of them around the house most years. I found some I really liked. Two of my former students now work at Books-a-Million, and I happened to catch them both on their break, so it was nice to chat with them for a few minutes.

I also got over 2000 words written today, and chorded a hymn which I’ll talk about tomorrow. After I have to drive all the way to the DFW airport again to get Janet.

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