Happy 2017!

Yesterday we kind of had our New Year’s Eve celebration a day late. We had our big ham dinner and then later we had our traditional chocolate fondue and a movie. It was a nice way to spend the first evening of the new year.

This morning got off to a wonderful start. I had announced my intention to sleep in, and then we had a fabulous thunderstorm while I was still lying cozy in bed. That is something I really enjoy–being snuggled under the covers while the weather rages outside just inches from my head.

Of course, eventually I got up and had breakfast and even was productive. I had a bunch of paperwork to do and I got it all done. Mercy’s friend Bri arrived at lunchtime and it sure was good to see her again. She spent the fall semester in Scotland.

After lunch I did something I’ve been greatly looking forward to. I wrote some words. I signed up for JaNoWriMo with my writers’ group. You may remember that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in November, a month when I am normally much too busy to write 50,000 words. So a bunch of us decided to do January Novel Writing Month instead. I didn’t have time to write yesterday, but today I wrote 1684 words on my work in progress. It’s not an auspicious start, but it’s a start and it felt good to get back into my story.

Speaking of writing, I have some new news. My story “Cameo” is featured in a new anthology that came out this weekend, Mythic Orbits 2016. You can buy it for Kindle here:


It will soon be available as a paperback also. If you read it, be sure to leave a review.

Finally, I have some news about my mom. You may remember she suffered a fall while they were visiting here last week. She was still in so much pain over the weekend that my dad took her to the doctor today and found that her injuries are more serious than he had thought. She has two cracked ribs and apparently a cracked vertebra. I will know more in the morning. Please pray that she will soon recover.

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