Fog, a Wedding, & Good Riddance

I got up early this morning to make sure Spencer was up, so he could go to Oklahoma to get a friend of his and still get back in time for Britton’s wedding. Then I went back to bed. Eventually most of us got up and had breakfast before Lina and I went out to run a couple of errands. She even found a winter coat on sale at Walmart.

After lunch, I squeezed in a quick nap before it was time to get ready for the wedding. I used to go to such social events sans makeup, but now my rosacea is so severe that I make the effort to at least put on some foundation before venturing forth to a place where I may be photographed.

We had to take two cars to the wedding, which was in a town a little over an hour’s drive away from here. We cut it kind of close, but we did get there before it started. Since we were rather late, we ended up sitting at the only free table–back in the corner.

The wedding was refreshingly simple. The bride made her own dress. The prelude was played by the groom’s uncle, an old acquaintance of ours. (The whole family is musical.) The processional was Beethoven’s Ode to Joy played by the groom’s sister and aunt (and also the uncle). There were no attendants, but both sets of parents stood with the bride and groom on the platform. After a brief message, the pastor had them say their vows and then they walked back out the door while all of us sang the doxology. I loved it.

We stayed at our table until the dinner was ready, entertained by the father of the groom and his band. The food was a Greek feast (the groom’s family is half Greek). It was, in a word, sublime.  I got to visit with the groom’s sister and see her adorable baby. I also chatted with the groom’s mother (a friend since college days) and her brother the pianist. Outside it got foggier and foggier as the evening progressed.

Eventually Britton and Kaylee got around to our table to visit and we had a chance to hug and congratulate them. They promise they will be stopping by often, as we are right on Britton’s regular route (he is a truck driver) and Kaylee will be riding with him.

After saying our goodbyes, we drove home through the fog, which was quite thick in some places. Kind of spooky at night. We got home in time to make tea and watch a video before going outside in the fog to light sparklers and set off a few rockets. 2016 has been tough and we are not sorry to see it end. Hoping for better things in 2017!

Parting Shot:


Spencer with his best buddy Britton and Britton’s lovely bride, Kaylee.

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