Big Breakfast

Today got off to a special start as Mercy took it upon herself to make us a big fancy breakfast like the ones she made at the bed and breakfast last summer. My parents came over and we all enjoyed Eggs Benedict, fruit salad, yogurt and granola.

Then Walter and Lina and Mercy left to work again and I had the day to visit with my parents. I worked on downloading some books my mom wanted on her new Kindle. I got some knitting done. We talked a lot! I received a couple of very heartwarming notes. I made a huge batch of my special turkey salad for lunch and then while my parents napped, I was able to address and mail some newsletters and run a couple other errands.

The work crew returned just as we were gathering for a supper of excellent Christmas leftovers. It was good to have 11 of us around the table! It was our last dinner with Mary and Jordan, as they are leaving tomorrow. It sure has been wonderful to have them here.

This morning my sister-in-law texted my husband to let him know that our nephew’s memorial service is tomorrow afternoon. There is no hope of Walter going, especially on such short notice, but our prayers will be with the family as they gather and I’m sure they’d appreciate your prayers too.


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