A Departure & An Arrival

Today it was back to work for Walter and three of the kids, working on a cleaning project. I was up and out the door earlier than I wanted to be because we needed bread and a few other essential items!

After Flynn got here, the kids all went out for one final coffee run and Mary managed to fit them all into a selfie:


Flynn packed up after lunch and we all went out into the driveway to say goodbye. He was only here for two days! It was hard to say goodbye.

While the work crew was gone this afternoon I got a few things done and then drove over to my friends Jim and Joan’s house to get it open and ready for my parents, who pulled in at about 6:00. They’ll be staying there until Friday and spending the days with us.

My parents made it over to have supper with us–turkey soup made from broth that simmered for some 18 hours. We had a nice time visiting afterwards and I was very impressed by my parents’ stamina. They got up at 4:00 this morning and were still sentient at 10:00 tonight! Looking forward to spending some time with them over the next few days.


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