One More Sleep . . .

Don’t have much to say today. Flynn arrived last night and we all stayed up too late visiting. Today was a day of visiting and cooking and gift wrapping.

I had asked a friend to do us a huge favor, so after lunch we all assembled on campus and got a family photo taken. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity on these two days when we are all together. Mary has spent much of the evening editing the photos.

We had our Christmas Eve fondue dinner a little early so that we could go to Mercy’s church for the Christmas Eve service. It was a nice, simple service and fortunately for me it ended before my back gave out. We found out we know a lot of people who go to that church.

After getting back from church, we watched Muppet Christmas Carol and had our customary eggnog and special goodies for dessert. I also brought out some old family photos I recently unearthed and we had a lot of fun looking at them.

The final official activity of the day was letting each family member open one gift. That also was a lot of fun. Too bad we were sitting under a ceiling fan because it is so warm and muggy!

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