Tradition, Tradition!

We are having a party tomorrow, so Lina and Mary were very busy helping me with preparations. The food stockpile is growing!

I had to get up early and head to Walmart, because my husband volunteered me to provide a big pan of corn pudding for his workplace Christmas lunch, and I forgot to go shopping for the ingredients yesterday. I had to rush back and get it into my roaster oven by 8:00 this morning. By the time I got it mixed and in the oven, I was tired! I do not do well with early morning activity.

Corn pudding has become a tradition. Every time Walter has a meal at work, all they want from me is a triple batch of corn pudding. There is never any left over!

I made shortbread (gluten free) and Lina made gluten free cheese straws and sausage rolls and a lemon meringue pie.

Late in the afternoon Lina left to go to a visitation. The younger brother of her high school friend Rebekah died on the weekend, and the funeral is tomorrow. What a horrible time to be dealing with loss.

At lunchtime, we had a debate over what to have for supper, and hot dogs won out because that is another tradition. You see, when we got back from Africa in 1994, we stayed at various places before finding a house to rent, and the first night in the new house with our four young children, I heated up some hot dogs on the stove because it was quick and easy.

Therefore, when we bought this house eight years later, the kids insisted that we had to have hot dogs as our first meal. It was 15 years ago today that we moved into this house and had our hot dog supper. So naturally, we had to eat hot dogs again to commemorate the event! Mary and Jordan also had hot dogs when they moved into their first apartment, and I think Flynn has also followed the tradition.

Mercy arrived back home this evening after having to sit in a stopped train for over two hours. Only one more left to arrive–Flynn!

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