Getting Ready

I am so sorry I forgot about posting a hymn last night! It was kind of a rough weekend.

The big event of yesterday was that most of us went out to watch Rogue 1 in the afternoon. Spencer even dressed up in his jedi outfit. I have to say that he has gotten more wear out of that than I expected! And his new jedi braid is growing out nicely. We all enjoyed the movie.

This morning it was so cold that I’m afraid I got off to a pretty slow start. We did get some things done eventually. Jasper is working to clean up his room so that Mary and Jordan can use it, but he sure does not like having to be so clean!

Lucy made two batches of fudge and Lina got some cookie dough made. I got my teacup tree down and set it up. I guess tomorrow we’ll decorate it at last.

This afternoon Lina and Jasper and I went to Walmart. It was an introvert’s nightmare. People everywhere! Aisles blocked! Not my favorite experience.

Tonight I’m finishing up a project so I can get it in the mail tomorrow. So I guess I’ll stop blabbing. This time tomorrow Mary and Jordan will be here!

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