In Which Someone Fails to Show Up

Today was Jasper’s 4-H Christmas party, which meant that I had to do some serious multitasking this morning. While making my breakfast, I also washed dishes and mixed up a big batch of cookie dough! Later Jasper helped me roll and bake the cookies.

The party itself went pretty well. The kids made Christmas wreaths out of pool noodles and ornaments. I will try to get a photo of Jasper’s tomorrow. It’s pretty flashy!

I had been hoping the repairman would show up while I was at 4-H. Our washing machine has been on the fritz for a couple of weeks now, and Walter has resorted to taking some of the laundry over to the campus to wash it. We thought a repairman was coming today. He did not come. We really need our machine to work. Walter has to do wash for work every single day, over and above the family laundry that is always accumulating.

After 4-H I picked up Lina and took her to go get her car. Once again, she is renting a car from Missionary Tech Team, a wonderful service organization for missionaries. Her car, like ours, is a Toyota Camry, and she already likes it.

Spencer, his friend Britton, Lucy and Jasper all went to a big Christmas concert in a nearby town. Two of Britton’s siblings were playing in it, and I hear it went very well. Britton, who is a long-haul trucker, showed up unexpectedly this afternoon. We never know when he is coming.

My new printer arrived today.  Here’s hoping I can successfully set it up tomorrow.


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