A Productive Saturday

Oh, how glorious it was to sleep in this morning! My husband had to get up at the usual time because today was graduation at the university, and he had to work. Mercy had to drive some students to the airport in Dallas this morning so that they could catch their plane.

Lina took on a massive project for us and made some great headway. She volunteered to catalog our entire library for us–including DVDs. She got a little bar code scanner and got our entire DVD library cataloged today. She also did my crafting books. This will be so helpful when it is done! I will be able to check my library on my phone so I’ll know right away whether we have a book or not.

Meanwhile, I entered into the spirit of the thing by getting all my knitting needles cataloged on Ravelry. The idea is that this will save me from buying duplicates of needles I already have.

I also had to order a new printer. Our printer has been limping along for a while now. It stopped scanning several months ago. It has taken various forms of voodoo to get it to work at all during the last week, and now it can’t even find its own print head. I cannot live without a printer! I am the queen of handouts in my classes and I am a writer. So, a new printer is on the way.

Mercy has a friend who is spending the night before leaving for home tomorrow, so we have enjoyed visiting this evening. We also had a visit from the family of another student who graduated today. This young man is from Zambia and his family came to his graduation. It turns out his dad is the current president of the same college my dad once worked at in Zambia! It was good to spend a few minutes talking with them.

Now I have some Christmas carols to practice for church tomorrow . . .

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