A Very Long Day

Last night’s entry, which I couldn’t post due to internet issues:

Well, I hope you will forgive me if I didn’t take time to post yesterday, on Lina’s first day at home. She got up quite early to walk to the donut shop with Jasper. He couldn’t wait to take her to one of his favorite places!

I was up early too, going to the store to buy eggs so I could have breakfast. Later, I had to go to Aldi to stock up on a few other things. Lina was busy setting up her new phone and computer.

It was a cold day so I made a big pot of chili for supper—glad Lina requested it! Lucy was babysitting all evening so I had to go fetch her, which meant that I got to bed a lot later than I had intended.

This morning my alarm went off at 4:30. It was not a happy sound. I got up and made tea in my travel mug. At 5:30, Lina and I headed over to the campus to pick up Janet and her boyfriend, both of whom had flights to catch in Dallas (Janet to Zambia, and he to Barbados). It was 28 degrees, our first hard freeze of the season. Brrrr!

Thank goodness Lina was able to do the driving, as my knee injury would have made it very painful for me. It was a mostly quiet drive to the airport, thanks to the early hour and the frigid temperature. I am ashamed to say that when we stopped at Buc-ee’s, I walked in wearing my slippers because I just couldn’t tolerate the thought of switching to flip-flops!

We dropped Janet and her boyfriend off at 8:30 and then headed for my favorite Indian grocery store, only to find that it was not open, so we continued on to Half Price Books. We each found a few books that we couldn’t live without, but I was very careful. We just found out that our income will be reduced yet again, and it’s going to be grim.

When we were done at the bookstore, we drove to the Ethiopian restaurant, only to find that they lied about when they opened! Although they are supposed to open at 11:00, and we got there at 11:30, they were still closed. Fortunately, there is a Thai restaurant next door, so all was not lost. We still had a tasty lunch!

We headed for home by way of the outlet mall in Terrell, where Lina was able to get some things she needed and we put gas in the car. Then, since we’d be driving right past a favorite yarn store, we couldn’t resist stopping there too. We were kind of dismayed to see that they are closing their physical store to focus on their internet business, but this made it possible for us to get a few items at drastic discounts—like $18 circular needles for only one dollar!

We made it home at about 4:30. Lucy had to babysit again, so Lina and I made pizza for supper. After I picked Lucy up and we watched a video, I finished off the evening by cutting Lina’s hair. She wasn’t willing to wait another day! It did really need trimming.

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