The Power of Love

This afternoon, as you know, we were at the airport waiting to greet Lina and bring her home. We had to wait for nearly an hour. I spent this hour watching people, because I was afraid if I tried to read I would miss the magic moment when my daughter walked through the doors.

If you are feeling grumpy or jaded or cynical, I highly recommend hanging out at the international arrivals area of a major airport. Here are a few of the things I observed today:

  • A large family where each younger sibling was paired with an older sibling for crowd control. Just like we used to do!
  • A tiny tot who cried in terror when her newly-arrived grandmother hugged her, much to the embarrassment of the mother.
  • A young man tenderly lifting his grandmother up from her wheelchair so she could be standing to greet her husband. At least I think he was her husband judging from the warmth of their greeting.
  • A grinning young father trying to carry one excited child on his shoulders and another in his arms.
  • A middle-aged man waiting eagerly for someone and carrying a bouquet of lovely flowers.
  • A young woman who came barreling through the doors at a full gallop, pushing her luggage cart in front of her. Shrieks of excitement from a woman who ran forward to greet her. The arriving girl just let go of her cart and left it to crash into a barrier while she leapt into her relative’s arms and much fierce hugging ensued.

The air in that place was so laden with love it took my breath away. I was already pretty teary-eyed by the time my own tall blonde daughter walked through the doors at last. There is nothing better than the heartfelt hug of a loved one.

I hope, if you have your loved ones with you all the time, that you hug them often and savor your time with them. When you are separated, celebrate reunions joyfully! Everyone wants to know that they are loved and welcome. I saw that over and over today.


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