When You Can’t Give Your Stuff Away . . .

I had high hopes for today. I have spent a fair amount of time culling my collection of homeschooling resources, since I don’t expect to use most of them again. Jasper and I lugged a bunch of stuff to the park today. I had stuff I was giving away for free, and stuff that I asked people to pay “what they could” for. I expected most of the free stuff to disappear quickly.

What actually happened was an almost total lack of interest. A couple of moms came to look and left with something, but most of them never even came over to look. Park days have become an exercise in loneliness for us. The other teens ignore Jasper, and I think maybe I am not young or hip enough to hang out with the other moms. And I can’t sit in the sun with them because of my sun exposure issues. I guess it’s good Jasper has friends in the neighborhood!

So anyway, almost everything we took to the park ended up coming back home with us. I can’t decide what to do with it all. If no one wants it, should I just burn it? Dump it on Goodwill? It’s not worth listing on Ebay and then having to go to the trouble of shipping. *sigh* And there is still plenty more that I have to get rid of.

I did some more excavation in the schoolroom and found a fourth hot glue gun to add to the three I had previously found. One was so gunked up I threw it out. I mean, I could afford to, right? I can only use one at a time.

I enjoyed talking to a distant friend this afternoon, and got some knitting done. I also began reading through the “rough draft” of the anthology which will be featuring one of my stories at the end of this month. I found quite a few errors in the pages I read, and sent the corrections to the publisher. This is where my nit-pickiness is actually very valuable. I’m not a pro, but I’m pretty good at catching spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors.

Lina left Sakeji today on the first leg of her journey home. Excitement is building!


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