When in Doubt . . .

Throw it out! At least, that’s what my mentor, Miss Mary Poole, used to say. Today as I tackled the schoolroom again I had to make a hard choice. I threw out a huge stack of supplies that I’m quite sure were worth several hundred dollars. They were left behind in our former house by a person who was a stained glass artist. Sheets and sheets of gorgeous designs that you could peel off from the paper backing and apply to glass.

I thought I’d use them for craft projects, but I could never seem to get around to it. Today, I realized that I really need the space they’ve been taking up (for 15 years!) so I got Jasper to help me haul them down and toss them. I sheepishly admit that we saved a handful of sheets that were just too gorgeous to throw away.

Which brings me to a helpful tip I know I’ve shared before, but I’m going to share it again. If you have large sheets of paper you need to store, it can be hard to find a place to store them where they can lie flat. I’m talking posters, maps, or giant sheets of glass coating. Depending on the weight of the items, you can put one or more into the “jaws” of a skirt hanger and hang it up in a closet next to the wall, and your maps or whatever will stay nice and flat. I do this all the time. If it’s a map or poster that you might periodically need to hang up on the wall, you can just keep it on the hanger and hang it from any hook or shelf. So helpful.

So, I made some headway in the schoolroom. Lucy made fajitas for supper. I got some knitting done, and I figured out the chords for another Christmas carol. And Lina is coming a week from today!

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