Trying to Get it All Done

I can’t remember a whole lot about Saturday, except that I wasn’t feeling all that great and I was trying to get a bunch of stuff done. I had to work on music and some other things. I spent a lot of time online researching and taking advantage of sales on certain gifts I wanted to get.

Yesterday I had to take Lucy to take care of the dogs in the morning, which meant we missed the first service at church. Fortunately we made the second service, since the violin player wasn’t there and it was just me accompanying the singing.

In the afternoon I got to talk to Lina via the internet–our last long-distance conversation before she arrives home next week! And Lucy helped me put the bead garland on the tree.

Today we had a huge thunderstorm in the morning while Jasper and I did school. I also prepared for my class. After lunch we went to pick up the twenty poinsettias he had sold for his 4-H club, and after my class we set off to deliver all the ones that he hadn’t already delivered in our neighborhood.

We had four stops to make and we had to travel rather far afield. The last two deliveries were surprise poinsettias for two sweet ladies we know. One didn’t hear us knocking so we left the plant on her porch and I called her about it later to make sure she found it. The other was very surprised and happy when we showed up at her door. I think I enjoy giving the flowers away more than I enjoy keeping them myself! Besides, we have cats. They think poinsettias are our Christmas present to them, and they have great fun playing with them until the beautiful plants are nothing but bare sticks. This year they only have one to destroy.

After supper, one of Mercy’s friends came over and helped put the ornaments on the tree. With him and Mercy and Lucy all working together, the job was done in record time! And I got some knitting done. I’ll try to get some photos tomorrow.

Eight days till Lina comes home!

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