Thanksgiving and the Aftermath

Well, another Thanksgiving is past and we’re on the express train to Christmas! I hope I will be recovered from this latest respiratory bug before things really speed up again.

Our day started, as it always does, with me baking our (gluten-free) breakfast casserole. On Thanksgiving we only have two meals–brunch and “lupper.” I love our holiday brunches with the whole family around the table talking and laughing.  Of course, this year there were only six of us, but it was still lovely.

The girls had made pies the night before, so after brunch we focused on the main part of the dinner. I had two smallish turkeys to roast and quite a few side dishes to make, but I was able to pace myself and lie down when I really had to. The girls picked up a lot of the slack.

Janet and her boyfriend came over shortly before our target dinnertime of 3:00. Only eight people around the table! That is a small Thanksgiving for us. There was a LOT of food. When everyone was fully stuffed, we waddled into the living room and watched a movie that Mercy had rented (Ant Man). By the time it ended, darkness had fallen, but we could hardly use that as an excuse to forgo our traditional paper airplane races!

We all got a piece of paper to make our planes and I made the kind I always make because when I asked for help from friends on Facebook, I didn’t get any! We turned on the porch light and the garage light so we could sort of see what we were doing when we went out to the front yard. Jasper’s plane won the “distance” competition and Mercy and Walter ended up having a fly-off  to determine the “air time” competition, which Mercy won. Walter got the “best-looking” plane by default since he’s the only one who really decorated his.

We came back inside for chips and dip and watched our second movie, which I’ve already told you about. Toward the end everyone was finally ready for pie. Mercy had made an apple pie and Lucy had made a pumpkin pie. I heard they were good. Neither one was gluten free or diabetic friendly!

Janet and Aaron left, and I still had to take both Lucy and Jasper to their dog-sitting duties. The streets were virtually deserted. When I returned from the second trip, there was still time to spend some time together and get a little more knitting done.  It was a good day.

Today we slept in shamefully late (almost 9:00!) and got a slow start on the day. I am still struggling with my cold so it was hard to feel like doing much. However, Mercy made the startling announcement that she wanted to put up the Christmas tree today. Why was it so startling? Because the way we like our tree to look is extremely time and labor intensive to achieve. No one likes to do it. Mary usually does it if she is here for Thanksgiving, and it takes her some 7 hours to set the tree up and get the lights on. Lucy flat out refused to do it, so Lina said she would do it if we can wait until she gets here. It never occurred to me that Mercy might be willing!

My part of the process was to move my chair from the corner where the Christmas tree goes and get it set up on the other side of the room, with all my knitting, etc. It was a good chance to sort through all my knitting supplies and put away all the things I’m not currently using.

Mercy invited a friend over for lunch and afterwards she got to work. Lucy did help a little at the beginning, but it was mostly Mercy working all afternoon on the lights. I know what you’re thinking. Why not get a pre-lit tree? Are you kidding me? The pre-lit trees the same size as ours typically have about 500 lights. We use a minimum of 800. And after so many years of doing it this way, we like it so much we could never be happy with a dim tree! I foresee that in the future, I may have to pay a college student to do this job for me. Thanks to my arthritis I can’t really do it myself anymore.

We had a great supper of leftovers and then Mercy went back to work on the tree. To my amazement, she ran out of lights. I buy a minimum of 200 new lights every year, so that even if a strand stops working, we’ll always have enough. So I figure she’s got at least 1000 lights on there. She and her friend had to zoom up to the store to get one final strand of lights so she can finish in the morning. Then it will be my turn to put up the bead garland.

Meanwhile, I got quite a bit of knitting done, and it’s a good thing because I’m quickly running out of time!


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