Mercy Returns

So, yesterday I had quite a surprise. I had planned to do a bunch of Thanksgiving pre-preparation. I lay down after lunch for a rest and planned to get to work after I got up. However, two of my kids burst into my room to inform me that I would be driving to the airport in Dallas.

I knew Mercy was coming back this week. I knew she was coming back on the 21st. But for some reason, I firmly believed that the 21st was Tuesday. I told everyone she was coming back on Tuesday. Then she mentioned to her siblings yesterday that she’d be seeing them that evening, and my delusion finally had to go.

So Lucy and I ran a couple of errands and then took off for Dallas. We arrived at the terminal just in time to meet Mercy. It was good to have her back! It was kind of a bummer that we still had to drive all the way home, but we made it.

This morning Jasper and I went to Aldi where I was very disappointed to find that they didn’t have several items I had counted on getting there. That means yet another trip to Walmart tomorrow . . .

Lucy has a dog-sitting job for the next few days and I had to take her over there twice today. I hope tomorrow Mercy will be able to take her for at least one of the times.

Mercy actually went to work today (at the university library) and got paid to set up and decorate their Christmas tree!

I had to sit down and prioritize my gift knitting today. I have finished a lot of it, but the rest has to be ranked according to various factors and I am beginning to feel a tiny bit panicky. Not much knitting is going to get done over the next couple of days!

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