Robotics & Writing

So, we had a couple of busy days. Our friends Don and Gwen came back into town on Sunday and arrived in time for a nice spaghetti dinner.

Monday morning Don and Gwen had some things to take care of in town and Jasper and I had school to do. Because it was the second Monday of the month, I did not have to teach a class today and instead we went to the 4-H meeting.

When we got there, the 4-H agent asked me if Jasper was planning to be there for the robotics meeting. That was the first I knew that there was a robotics meeting! So instead of spending most of the afternoon and evening at home visiting with Don and Gwen, I spent it mostly at the extension office. After the 4-H meeting, Jasper stayed to help build a few robots for the robotics club. Then I took him home for a quick bite to eat before taking him back for robotics.

He and two other kids acted as teachers for the “newbies” who showed up. They had a great time programming and timing their robots as they did various tasks. Jasper really enjoys this and is good at it.

I had given Lucy instructions for making supper, but she decided to get fancy so they were actually just sitting down to eat when Jasper and I got home at about 8:00. It was a good dinner and I was able to visit some with Don and Gwen afterwards. However, by then my head was pounding and I did not have enough stamina left to write a blog entry.

Today we had a slow start as Don and Gwen and their son prepared to leave. I had talked about possibly recording Gwen playing and singing a song we used to sing as kids, so we went ahead and did that.

After they left, Jasper and I got busy with school. In the afternoon while he was gone volunteering at Terrific Tuesday, Lucy and I went out to the credit union and then I took her to the new coffee shop in town. It is owned/managed by a young man who once was a student of mine, and several of Lucy and Spencer’s friends work there.

The coffee shop is in a space once occupied by a lovely bead store I enjoyed visiting. Now it is very stark and modernistic, calculated to appeal to Lucy’s generation, who seem to have a lot more money to spend on drinks than I ever had at her age. When I saw the tiny little cup of coffee she got for over $4, I realized that this is not a place that will ever be a “hang-out” for me. I’d rather sit in my own comfy chair and drink almost-free tea at home! I’m sure the coffee shop will be very popular though. Young people love it!

After we returned home, I had just enough time to grab a bite to eat and grab my stuff for my critique group and writers’ meeting. My critique partners are so helpful. In this month of thankfulness, I am very thankful for them!

Our monthly meeting was more of a round table discussion, which led me to talk about a poetry project I’ve had on the back burner for a while. When I came home I pulled it up and started working on it again.  I also ripped out a knitting project and started over again as the gauge wasn’t turning out quite as anticipated. Making progress now!

Quote of the Day

A tiny boy in the library tonight, looking up at the decoratively-wrapped boxes hanging from the ceiling: “Look at all the presents up there! Maybe they’re for me!”

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