A Day of Remembrance

Veteran’s Day is the day every year when I think of two things. The first is how grateful I am to all those who have served our country and defended our freedoms. I am especially grateful for my two brothers who served, Jon in the Marines and Matt in the Air Force. I’m so proud of them!

The other thing I always think of is that horrible, horrible November 11 when I suffered a traumatic miscarriage and ended up in the hospital with massive blood loss. It’s been 24 years, but I still weep when I think about it, and about the baby I never met.

That, coupled with yesterday’s upsetting news, gave today a rather somber atmosphere. Plus, I still had to go to Aldi, which I dread every week. At least today I had Jasper with me. That always makes it much more bearable.

I felt well enough this afternoon to spend a little more time on my organizing project. The “schoolroom” has become more of a junk room in recent years, and I am trying to make it usable again. It is a big project, but I am making headway.

I also received distressing news that my Uncle Dan had a health emergency and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Boise, Idaho, but my aunt just sent word that he is doing much better now. I am so relieved. It’s been kind of a rough week in my neck of the woods . . . .

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