Didn’t See That One Coming

Today was kind of a grim day. Spencer had a painful experience last night and I felt bad for him. Then, at lunchtime today, my husband surprised me with some very unwelcome bad news. He is losing another one of his cleaning contracts, the one that he actually does himself and that we rely on to supplement our income. He lost another large contract in July, and I have worked hard to cut expenses and makes ends meet with our new, lower income.

Now, however, we face even deeper cuts and I am struggling a little with feeling sorry for myself. We are still paying off hospital bills and I am wondering what more we will have to give up to make things work. I am also praying that maybe another contract will come along soon. This is a bad time for the local economy. Low gas prices for everyone means a lot less money in Texas! And I’m a little hurt that the business in question didn’t call him in and try to negotiate before going out and looking elsewhere. He has worked there for many years.

I have two regular tutoring jobs starting up in January, and every little bit helps, but it won’t make much of a dent, I fear.

Jasper and I did a science experiment today and he enjoyed it. It was very simple but it involved electricity and it went exactly like it was supposed to so that was good! He found out why copper turns green.

Lucy also gave the cats flea baths today, since despite our massive flea extermination project of a few weeks ago, they still had some fleas. They were not happy felines!


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