Back to School

Today was our first day back to school after last week’s Fall Break. I’m pretty sad that I was too sick to do anything I had planned to do while Jasper was away!

I continue to improve a little bit every day and today I made it through with less napping than I have been needing. I really hope I’ll be mostly better by this weekend.

Jasper and I did school and I also had my class to prepare for. I had fun brainstorming with the kids on ways to deal with telemarketers who call at dinnertime. Only two more classes and this semester will be done. It is hard to believe we are so close to the holidays already.

I finished one of my larger clandestine knitting projects this weekend, and immediately started another. I really, really hope my knitting goals are realistic!

We talked to Lina yesterday. She will be arriving one month from today! We are all really looking forward to that.


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