Offspring (Returning & New), Ducks, and FOs

So what was I doing on All Saints’ Day? Clearly, I wasn’t writing a blog entry! No, instead I was on the move most of the day. Mercy, Jasper and I left the house shortly after 8:00 a.m. on our way to the DFW airport. Any hope I might have had that Mercy would offer to drive so I could sleep died when she announced she wanted to sit in the back so she could sleep!

We made the obligatory stop at Buc-ee’s on the way, and I wondered if the McDonald’s we used to stop at misses us. I got Mercy and Jasper to the airport in good time and said goodbye to them before heading back to the car for a power nap.

It’s fortunate that the airport happens to be close to my favorite Indian stores and restaurants. I drove to one of my favorite restaurants and was their first lunchtime customer. The butter chicken was as good as I remembered. From there I drove to a large Indian grocery store in search of tea. We are running low on the Kenyan tea we use for chai parties, and it is next to impossible to find quality loose tea in our town. The Indian store has plenty to choose from! I stocked up on enough to get us through a few more months.

Then it was time to venture into the unknown. When I first learned I would be stuck in Dallas for nine hours between flights, I put out the word on Facebook and asked if anyone I know would like to spend time with me. My first and only invitation came from a former student of mine who is married and now lives in Denton. I was delighted to have a chance to see her after several years and to meet her adorable baby son.

Holly (my GPS) got me there with a minimum of fuss, and I found myself in a delightful old-fashioned neighborhood. I got to meet Lauren’s husband Jon, and of course the baby! It was a very relaxing afternoon just talking and visiting, interspersed with a little baby holding. Just what I needed. Before I left, Lauren took me to the backyard where I met their four Khaki Campbell ducks.


They are my favorite breed of duck. We had Khaki Campbells when I was a kid and my personal duck was named Dab Dab!

I also took some photos of Lauren and little Kai:


Then I ventured back into the big city traffic. Before getting back to the airport, I stopped for supper at a Vietnamese restaurant. It was okay, but I personally prefer Thai cusine.

While I was waiting for Lucy, she snuck up behind me and surprised me! It sure was good to see my daughter again! She was very sad to leave Bolivia, and I don’t blame her, but I am very happy to have her back.

We did not get back until after midnight, so I made the decision that today was going to be a day off. I have a lot of sewing I want to do, but I just was not up to it today. I slept in and took naps. I did some knitting and some reading. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, Lucy did not feel well all day. She suspects there was something shifty about the food on the plane. I sure hope she feels better tomorrow!

Now it’s time for October’s FOs (Finished Objects). I can’t show you all of them, but there are two I can show you. The first is a dish cloth made from special yarn so that it is a “scrubby” cloth. I haven’t tried using it yet, but I doubt I’ll make another one because the scratchy yarn is very unpleasant to work with.


The second thing I can show you is this hat:


It is a gift, but I guarantee the recipient does not read this blog, so I figure it’s pretty safe to show it!

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