A Legend is Born . . .

Today was a very busy day for our family. Jasper had his three friends who had spent the night, and they all went to the donut shop this morning to get donuts for breakfast.

I had to make a run to the north side of town to get glow bracelets for the chai part tonight. Well, I didn’t “have” to go, but I do like to get glow bracelets for the party closest to Halloween, and Michael’s still has the best deal. I was a little disappointed to see that the deal was not as good as in the past. Instead of getting 15 bracelets for a dollar, you now get only 12 for $1.50.

I came home expecting Walter and Jasper to be gone working, but they were still here because the Suburban was blocking in the van. Spencer has lost both his car keys and also Walter’s, so Mercy is the only one with Suburban keys and she had her phone turned off because she was on campus doing orientation for her new school in Russia!

Eventually, Walter had to drive the van over the lawn so they could get to work. I did a little more of my reorganizing before realizing I wouldn’t be able to finish. I grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading out to Spencer’s rugby game at noon. This time I took my silver umbrella to stay shaded in the glaring sun.

The team played the best they have played so far this year. Spencer started for the first time and played until the last 15 minutes! For a little while they were even ahead, but they ended up losing by one point. And yes, they feel robbed–because the ref didn’t allow a try which everyone thought was legal, including Mercy, who was working as line judge.

But anyway, as I sat watching under my silver umbrella, I was next to a mother and daughter who were cheering the team on. Their husband/father is also on the team. I listened to their conversation as the mom explained that she was in the process of choosing nicknames for all the team members. She seemed especially enamored of the one she called “Bonecrusher,” and as she described him, I realized he was my very own son. She was tickled to find out I was his mom.

As the game wore on, she taxed her vocal chords cheering for the team, especially for Bonecrusher. At one point, after she’d screamed his name multiple times in a row, she turned to me and said, “What’s his real name?” So I said “Spencer” and she changed to screaming “Spencer” in case that might be more effective, I guess. I talked to Spencer about it afterwards, and he said the “Bonecrusher” moniker is catching on. Not too surprising as he is the biggest guy on the team!

Walter and Jasper got back in time for Walter to take a hurried shower and dash off to a wedding. One of his employees is getting married, and she really wanted him to come. Meanwhile, I stayed here to greet Don and Gwen, who arrived shortly after Walter left. I was so glad I didn’t have to bake for tonight’s chai party. This is the one time in the year when I just go out and buy Halloween candy.

Walter got back from the wedding, Mercy got back from orientation, Spencer got back from rugby, and we all managed to get set up for the chai party. It is still very warm here. We had a small turnout due to other events happening on campus, but I think those who came had a good time.

Parting Shot:


I stole this photo off the rugby club’s Facebook page, since Spencer is in it!

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