Harvest Festival Day 3

Today marked the end of our involvement in the 4-H Harvest Festival, which will continue until the big auction tomorrow night. Friday is traditionally the day that our 4-H club mans the concession stand at the livestock arena. I drove Jasper over there bright and early to help with the breakfast rush, and then picked him up on my way home from Aldi, right as the lunch rush was in full swing, as was the goat show. Although he complained about having to go this morning, he ended up having a pretty good time.

I had told him a couple of months ago that if he got consistently good grades in math, he could have a sleepover. Well, thanks to my tireless efforts to make sure he masters each day’s lesson, his grades have been great! So I had to make good on my promise. His three neighborhood buddies came over this afternoon and they went on a bike ride before settling down to eat pizza and watch a movie.

Fortunately the smoke wasn’t too bad by the time they came in from their bike ride. I think I got a little too much oil in the pizza pan and some of it dripped into the oven. Smoke billowed out and kept on billowing. I turned on the vent and we also had to open two outside doors and turn on some fans, but eventually the smoke dissipated and the pizza was done!

Mercy spent the day getting “oriented” for her new job in Russia, and will have more orientation tomorrow. She also hit a road block in the form of her passport. Remember how we looked and looked for her passport and couldn’t find it? Well, she couldn’t find it either, so for the second time she had to order a replacement passport. The new passport came, but there’s a problem: it’s only good for one year. Apparently, if you can’t hang on to your passport, the State Department gets a little testy. This could be a real problem when it comes to getting a visa for Russia . . . so we would appreciate prayer.

P.S. It’s a good thing I got a photo of Jasper’s pumpkin sculpture last night—because someone vandalized it tonight while Jasper and his buddies were hanging out in his room. Who would do such a thing?

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