Harvest Festival Day 2

Today was our first “normal” school day of this week, so I tried to make the most of it. However, I am also reorganizing our erstwhile “schoolroom” so I worked on that some of the time when Jasper didn’t need me.

This afternoon at the appointed time, we took off for the fairgrounds to see how his projects faired. We looked at the Chocolate Hazelnut (Nutella) Bread first, and were somewhat stunned to see that it only scored a red ribbon and a comment that said “it didn’t seem to have any flavor.” (They did give credit for the beautiful presentation.) We were both rather indignant. Our family has happily scarfed down all the trial bread that was made first and didn’t find it at all lacking! Oh well. . . as Jasper said, the winning entries seem to be extremely rich and sweet, and admittedly the nut bread was more subtle. But still . . . chocolate doesn’t count as a flavor?

His helmet and pumpkins faired better. Both won blue ribbons, with the pumpkins tagged as “creepy” and Jasper’s effort and patience mentioned in regard to the helmet. Overall, he was pretty happy. He now has a helmet that he loves, and he was able to set up his pumpkins on the porch and put lights inside:



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