Harvest Festival Day 1

Today was the big day. This morning was all about making one more chocolate hazelnut bread. Jasper did it all by himself and he did a great job! It looked so good when it was done.

This afternoon, at the appointed time, we headed over to the convention center with Jasper’s three entries. I’m sorry, but I totally forgot to get a photo of the nut bread until after I had covered it with wrap:


You can still see that it looks awesome, right?

He reassembled his pumpkin creation and set it up for display too:


He got the idea from a picture he saw of a pumpkin carving another pumpkin.

And finally, we pulled out “Sheila” my foam head and displayed Jasper’s helmet on it.


Sheila has been surprisingly useful over the years, far beyond her original purpose which was to block a hat I had made!

Here is another photo of Jasper’s helmet. He had to cut out countless little pieces of foam, fit them together and glue them, then paint it with three different kinds of paint before attaching the visor. I am so impressed. He had never done anything like this before.


Tomorrow, we find out how he did!



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