A Looming Deadline

Today was all about preparing for Harvest Festival, once our friends left just before lunch. The first thing was to get Jasper to make the nut bread by himself. I think we finally got the recipe tweaked so it is correct. (In the recipe we found online, the liquid amount called for was way off.) He did a good job and I was proud of him. The finished product looked professional, and according to Walter it tasted better than our first attempt. Tomorrow, he makes it for the actual competition.

Once the nut bread was out of the oven and Jasper had left for Terrific Tuesday, I made a run to Walmart to get the last few supplies for his pumpkin creation. He is only entering three things in this Harvest Festival, but all three things are very ambitious. The only thing I have helped at all with is showing him how to make the nut bread.

I had my writers’ meeting tonight, so while I was away Jasper worked on his pumpkin project. You will see photos tomorrow I hope. He did a great job. He is a creative kid and enjoys working in three dimensions.

Meanwhile, we had only seven people at our writers’ group, but sometimes it is nice to have a smaller group. I had taken a poem to read, but when I saw that our “real” poet was there, I chickened out.

Tomorrow, after Jasper makes another nut bread, we have to haul everything over to the convention center and set it up. I hope nothing breaks!

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