A Dallas Adventure and an Independence Day

Saturday was a long hard day for me, still struggling as I am with my seemingly interminable sinus infection. At this rate, I will be reeking of garlic for the rest of my life!

I got up on Saturday morning and had to leave the house by 8:30 to get Jasper to his 4-H service project. Then I headed toward Dallas to spend time with my friend Susan. I got to her house right at lunchtime and we went out to a Thai restaurant we’ve been to before. Then we went back to Susan’s house and spent the afternoon visiting while Susan sorted through some of her late mother’s papers.

I thought that at about 6:15 I’d leave to pick Spencer up from the airport, but at 4:30 or so I got a text from him saying that he had missed his flight and would have to wait a couple of hours before finding out if they could fit him in on the last flight from Denver to Dallas. Susan had a bunch of other things she needed to do, and I realized that I would be a distraction if I stayed, so I decided I might as well kill time by getting some fabulous Ethiopian food.

I drove to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant and enjoyed a delicious dinner while waiting to hear from Spencer. Finally I got the good news that he was on the flight he’d hoped to get. I headed to the airport, found a space in the parking garage, and napped in the car for a while. I had no idea when Spencer’s plane was due to land, but I made a wild guess and headed on in to the terminal after an hour or so.

I had less than half an hour to wait until Spencer showed up, but we still had the long drive home ahead of us! Spencer volunteered to drive, and I was happy to let him. We finally walked in the door a little after midnight.

Of course this meant I hadn’t so much as looked at my autoharp all day, so on Sunday morning I had to get up early and pick a couple of hymns and play through them a couple of times before leaving for church.

During the afternoon I had a lot of cooking to do to get ready for our Zambian Independence Day celebration. I made a huge batch of “relish” and some mango/pineapple/guava cobbler. I made mandazi dough and Janet came over to fry them for me, since Mercy had other plans for the whole day.

Our friends Don and Gwen and their son arrived in time for Don to help stir the nshima before supper. Two of Janet’s friends came, and our other “regular” student, who is an MK from West Africa but is quite happy to eat Zambian food. It was a delicious meal and we all ate too much.

Don and Gwen spent the night, and this morning Don and his son were able to go out and get their Texas drivers licenses. Jasper and I went on a quest for the rest of the things he needs for his Harvest Festival projects. We needed hazel nuts, dowel rods, and pumpkins!

Today, by the way, is the real Zambian Independence Day, so happy 52nd birthday, Zambia! And as Don pointed out, it’s also only two months till Christmas Eve!

Don and Gwen will be with us another night before heading back to Dallas tomorrow. The next few days are going to be so busy and I am still really not feeling well, so it’s going to take a lot of determination to make it through.


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