Today being Friday, it was my least favorite day of the week. This morning I went to Aldi while Jasper mowed the lawns. Although I am on the mend, I am far from being 100 percent, so I made it through Aldi, loaded the groceries into the car, took the cart back, and was just getting back into the car when I wondered where my quarter was. I didn’t have a pocket, and I didn’t remember putting in my purse. I realized I must have returned the cart and failed to retrieve the quarter. I wasn’t parked that far away, but I had no interest in going back for my quarter! Just then, as I was about to shut my car door, a man walked up and said, “I found something of yours.” He handed me my quarter. I felt like such a doofus.

Because I’ll be gone all day tomorrow, I had to cook a couple of chickens today so the meat will be ready on Sunday. Now I’ll be honest: I have yet to become an Instant Pot fanatic like some of my friends, but it sure is handy for cooking chicken. I cooked the first chicken, then after removing it I cooked the second chicken in the same liquid. Then, after picking all the meat off the bones, I made bone broth in the Instant Pot using the same liquid, augmented with some vegetables and more water. I’m thinking that’s going to be some very good broth.

Jasper worked some more on his helmet but had to stop when he ran out of the glue, so I took him with me on an errand this afternoon. We stopped by our credit union, which was celebrating its 70th anniversary today. Jasper got a free hot dog, free popcorn, and a free pen! I couldn’t have any of the food but I got a pen and a calendar. We have been members of that credit union for 32 years.

Walmart was out of the glue Jasper needed, so we’ll try again tomorrow on our way up to another 4-H activity. Meanwhile, he’s got plenty of work to do cleaning his room.

Sounds like Spencer had a great last day in Colorado and got to go to the top of Pike’s Peak. I’ll be picking him up at the airport tomorrow evening. Mercy left for Dallas this afternoon and won’t be back till late tomorrow, so there are just three of us in the house tonight.


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