Two Victories

I knew today was going to be a challenge before I even got out of bed, because I knew I was going to have to go to the Department of Public Safety, one of my very least favorite places in the world. Jasper was up early so he could get donuts and then be ready to go with me.

Our objective was to get Jasper a state I.D. card. He will be going on his first airplane flight soon, and it is recommended to have picture I.D.  Every time I have had to do this with the other kids, it has been a nightmare. Since we are homeschoolers, we just don’t have the documentation that the people at the DPS will accept.

Based on past experience, I had the county 4-H agent create a document on letterhead verifying that Jasper has lived in this county for the last three years and been a member of 4-H. I also had his birth certificate and social security card.

We were at the DPS just before it opened and were fifth in line. However, once we got in and were given a number, we had to wait a full hour while at least ten people were called ahead of us! Then, as I feared, I found the rules had changed and the 4-H letter was useless. I had to produce two acceptable proofs of residence for myself, and I only had one–the insurance card from the car. I’m not sure why my driver’s license doesn’t count. Also, the lady insulted me under her breath when she saw how slow Jasper was at writing his name (due to his dyslexia). We had no choice but to leave and come home to get the other document we needed.

We were both pretty grumpy! I had my breakfast and rounded up multiple documents that were on the list and then we headed back. The same lady was waiting for us and called us right up. This time she was all smiles and helpfulness. She had figured out the Jasper was dyslexic and was very patient with him. She was very happy to accept my voter’s registration card as proof of residence, and we were finally in business!

We returned home in triumph, with the temporary I.D. in our possession. Of course by then it was almost lunchtime, but at least we were victorious!

After lunch I needed a serious lie-down to recover as I am still very under the weather with my sinus infection. Once I staggered out of my room, it was time for home ec class with Jasper. The 4-H Harvest Festival is next week, which means that once again he will be entering a food item as well as a couple of craft items. We had picked a recipe for him to make, and today was our first trial run. I helped him quite a bit today, but the next two times he will have to do it by himself. It turned out really well though:


Mercy has already tested it and said it was delicious!

Then, since I wasn’t up to it, Mercy took Jasper to Walmart to buy supplies for another of his Harvest Festival projects. I am a little nervous about this one. When he said he wanted to do it, I had no idea what would be involved. Materials have already cost over $50 (which he paid for himself).  He wants to build a replica helmet out of foam. It involves cutting a LOT of intricate pieces out of foam and then gluing and heating and molding and painting them. I am not sure he understands what a massive job it is, but he’s on his own because I have never done anything like what he’s attempting. Should be interesting! He got the first few pieces cut out tonight with his brand new Exacto knife set.

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