Phase Two

Over the weekend, we moved to Phase Two of this particular battle with illness. Phase Two involves two inevitable events. First, the remaining healthy members of the family get sick–in this case, Jasper and Mercy. Secondly, my severe respiratory infection morphs into a severe sinus infection—every single time. I knew it was coming and I knew I couldn’t stop it. By yesterday evening, my doom was upon me.

So, with Jasper sick and me even sicker, today was a sick day. I don’t believe I am contagious, since the “cold” part is over, so I went ahead and medicated myself to the point where I could teach my class today.

And yes, I have tried all the things. Zinc, vitamin C, honey and cinnamon, and garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. I had garlic with breakfast, garlic with lunch, and garlic with supper. No vampire would even dream of messing with me.

I hope you weren’t expecting me to report that despite my illness, I got a ton of stuff done today. I had to go out and buy medicine. After I recovered from that, I wound some yarn. Yay me.

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