Shakedown Cruise with Holly

As I believe you know, I name my GPS devices. Our stand-alone GPS is named Delilah, because she has betrayed me more times than I can count. My phone GPS was named Nigel, a snobby-sounding guy with a British accent who was also a complete troll and had a love of making me do U-turns just for fun. I had to break up with Nigel when I got my new phone. Today, when I had to take Spencer to Love Field, was my first time to use the new GPS, and I spent a considerable amount of the drive figuring out what to call her.

Obviously, I settled on Holly, because it’s a two-fer. She is named for Vesper Holly, Lloyd Alexander’s intrepid heroine, and also for Holly, the computer persona on Red Dwarf. I hope she’s going to be less infuriating than Nigel or Delilah. She did a pretty good job today. I got to the airport with no trouble, though I couldn’t help thinking there might be a more straightforward way to get there. Holly, however, told me quite clearly that I was on the fastest route.

On the way back, I stopped in Lindale for a couple of things at Cracker Barrel. The problem with the Cracker Barrel in Lindale is that it is close enough to a certain yarn store for the fumes to reach my brain. I didn’t think it would be open on Saturday, but I checked on my phone just to be sure and guess what? It was open! And, it so happens, a baby has recently been born, and I want to knit her something, and there was a specific kind of yarn I hoped to use, and since I was so close I might as well go see if they had it, right?

They did have the yarn I wanted! That seemed like a miracle, because it’s a small shop and it doesn’t have a huge variety. What a relief to be able to buy the yarn in person instead of online. That way I could see exactly what the colors would look like together.

I am still struggling health-wise, but I felt somewhat better as the day went on. Poor Spencer is still quite sick after two weeks. In fact, I think he is sicker than me. He made it safely to Colorado and hopefully will still be able to enjoy his visit with his big brother.

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