Sick of Being Sick

So, I might have been a little too ambitious yesterday, because today I felt so much worse. It was hard to do anything today. We struggled through the bare minimum of school. I spent a lot of time lying down.

I had committed to showing up for a book exchange at park day–DIY books, gardening books, and cookbooks. I have lots of all three. I didn’t want to exchange any. I just wanted to get rid of some! So I took a box full of mostly craft/sewing books. I wish I knew where the box full of cookbooks I never use is! Most of the cookbooks currently in my kitchen are books that I do actually use, or at least dream of using.

Anyway, it felt great to get rid of some books but I was exhausted just from walking from the car to the table where the books were being set out. I stopped on the way home for cough drops and then collapsed again. I was supposed to go to a farewell party tonight and I just couldn’t—not to mention the fact that I don’t want to share this respiratory infection with anyone. It took all my energy just to make pizza for the rest of the family for supper.

I was thinking tomorrow would be a nice restful day until I remembered I have to go to Aldi. That’s going to be loads of fun . . .

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