All About Cookies

The problem with being sick over the weekend was that I didn’t get to do all the advance preparation I wanted to do for today’s presentation. I had agreed to do a cookie-decorating presentation for Jasper’s 4-H club. As the weekend wore on, I kept lowering my expectations. Last night, despite my illness,  I had to get to work.

I baked one double batch of cookies. I made a batch of gingerbread, then made a gingerbread bowl and a gingerbread “card.” I iced the gingerbread. I made another double batch of cookie dough. The round cookies look kind of like planets, I think:


This morning, I dragged myself out of bed to bake the rest of the cookies and decorate some as demonstrations. The rest I just outlined so the kids could fill in the rest. I finished creating and printing my notes and handouts.


Jasper and I arrived half an hour early, to find the place deserted. I set up for my presentation and we waited. And waited. I ended up having only six kids to talk to. I think they enjoyed it. They definitely enjoyed getting to decorate three cookies each, since I had made so many.


Photo Catch-Up Parting Shots:


Jasper at the 4-H awards banquet a week ago.


Mercy’s birthday breakfast.


Spencer’s rugby team has a great tradition that I love. At the end of every game, after greeting their opponents, the entire team, along with any spectators who are still there, forms a circle and sings the Doxology.

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