Losing the Day

I had big plans for today. None of them happened. I did make it to Walmart in the morning, but that didn’t take long.

I had planned to make a bunch of cookie dough but I didn’t make any. Maybe I can whip up a batch before I go to bed.

All day I felt I was getting sick, which is pretty discouraging since I just got over a cold.

This afternoon, we all went to support Spencer at his rugby match. It was a slaughter. They were playing the best team in the state. I believe they lost by over 100 points. Spencer, who is also sick, only played for part of the second half, but he did a good job. Mercy got to be a line judge.

Meanwhile, I was sitting in the full sun feeling worse and worse. I had my big hat on, but thanks to my sun exposure issues, I was very anxious. When halftime came I found a scrap of shade to sit in. I still may be sick tomorrow because I was in direct sun for a full 40 minutes.

I got some editing done and went over some music for tomorrow, but unless I feel a whole lot better in the morning I don’t think I’ll be making it to church.

Finally, today is a special anniversary. My friend Elizabeth and her husband Hugo are celebrating their 28th anniversary today. I made the cakes for their wedding 28 years ago. In fact, I created my own carrot cake recipe for the groom’s cake, and I still use it often. Today Elizabeth’s daughter Megan and my Lucy teamed up to make my carrot cake recipe to celebrate—because yes, this is the very Elizabeth with whom Lucy is staying in Bolivia! I’m so grateful for long-term friendships.

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