A Field Trip for Jasper

Jasper was invited to go on a field trip this morning to a nearby big cat rescue operation. It was especially fun for him since two of his best buddies from the neighborhood were going too. That gave me a morning on my own to get some housework done in addition to preparing for my class this afternoon.

Jasper came back very enthusiastic and told me about all the cats he’d seen–lions, tigers, bobcats and mountain lions. He had a great time and learned a lot!

I have felt a little under the weather all day and am really hoping I’m not coming down with something. If I don’t feel A-okay in the morning, it will be back to drinking garlic tea!

Mercy was gone for most of the weekend playing in a rugby tournament in Houston. Her team won all three of their games by a huge margin and Mercy made her first try (goal)! She was sore by the end of it but also well satisfied.

I haven’t heard much from Lucy in the last few days, but she has a new blog entry up if you’d like to follow her Bolivia adventures:


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