A Scorcher

Today I played hooky and went to the Texarkana Renaissance Faire. This is its fifth year of existence and I have gone every year except last year. Two years ago, we had a booth there, and thought about doing it again this year, except that we traveled so much this summer and then Lucy left for Bolivia and I can’t do it without her.

Still, I wanted to go and see some of my friends. Unfortunately, Texas hasn’t got the memo that it’s supposed to be fall. I had a two-hour drive to get to the faire and by the time I did, it was already pretty hot. I did a little walk around and then collapsed in the shade at the blacksmith’s booth, where I could sit in relative comfort and watch Shadowhawk and his crew at work. After so many years, I still love to hang out and watch blacksmiths at work.

Later, I went to listen to a couple of shows and greatly enjoyed them. I also checked in with my mermaid friend, whom I hadn’t realized would be there. It was good to see her. Lunchtime came and went, but I couldn’t eat anything because I was so stupid I forgot to take my insulin before I left. Nothing at the faire is diabetic friendly and gluten free! I was trying to ration my water, but by the time I landed back at the forge it was half gone and I was very thirsty. Sarah offered to top off my water bottle with ice cold water and I was very grateful! That bottle was empty by the time I got back to the car!

I had intended to stay for a 4:00 show and then leave afterwards, but shortly after 3:00 my patience ran out. The temperature had been in the mid-90s all day and I was so tired of being hot. I trudged back to the car, got the air conditioner started, and put a wet towel on my head, because I’m just that classy. Of course the towel was very hot because it had been in the car, but once the air started cooling down the car, the water in the towel started evaporating and really helped to cool my head down. I stopped and got some roasted chicken because I was starving but I couldn’t eat any carbs. (Okay. I could have got a turkey leg at the faire. I just wasn’t willing to pay $10 for one.)

So, instead of getting home after dark, I was home by late afternoon. Then I kind of forgot about music for tomorrow, so I’ve been working on that. Mercy is out of town for a rugby game, and Spencer’s friend Britton is coming in to spend the night again tonight. Jasper had a great time at his swordsmanship club.

Parting Shot:


My favorite costumes at the faire. They made all that stuff themselves, including that fine chainmail. I was so impressed.

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