Becoming a Rugby Mom

First of all, I want to let you know that I found my missing circular knitting needle, because I know you all were really worried. I’ve already gotten a good start on a new project.

Today of course was Friday, my least favorite day of the week. A very reluctant Jasper came to Aldi with me and then had to do school this afternoon.

I did get to spend some time working on my current manuscript. I went through and plotted all the major events so far onto a calendar, because this is a story in which timing is crucial. I also decided to change a character’s name due to the fact that I think it is too similar to a name I used in another story. That will take some getting used to.

I had hoped to attend a social event tonight, but I scrapped those plans when I found out that both Mercy and Spencer would be playing rugby tonight, a home game that was a “friendly” rather than official, so they were both guaranteed play time. It was my first rugby game in over 30 years! The last time I watched rugby, I was watching my handsome young husband play. I never thought the day would come when I’d be watching my daughter play!

The girls’ team played first. It was a very short game because they only had seven girls per side. Our team did very well. Mercy looked great out there. I had to settle a dispute between two other spectators as to whether or not that really was Mercy. My eyesight is not that great, but I’m pretty good at recognizing my own offspring! I took a bunch of photos, but the lighting was horrible so they didn’t turn out very well.

When the guys took the field, I knew I’d have no problem finding Spencer. I think he’s the biggest guy on the team and he’s certainly the only one with bright pink hair. (It was red, but it faded.) The opposing team was made up of football players who were very, very fast and brutal. Yikes!

The whole time I was there, there was a toddler sitting a couple rows behind me who was really into watching the game. He alternated between yelling, “Ball! Ball ball ball ball ball BALL!” and yelling “Go! Go go go go go GO!” I have no idea whose side he was on, but he sure was enjoying himself!


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