Surprise House Guest

You know what made my day today? You’re gonna laugh when you find out. I had to mail some things at the post office, and I was kind of grumpy about it, because my two favorite elderly clerks had presumably retired and even my backup favorite clerks hadn’t been there in months and I love the familiarity of doing business with someone I sort of know.

So I walked into the post office and there was only one clerk working but when I saw who it was I was so tickled. It was one of the guys I thought had retired! He seemed as glad to see me as I was to see him, and he asked about my family. It turned out he has just been working at another branch for the last four years. Seeing him made up at least a little bit for the fact that my favorite bank teller has disappeared.

Late last night Spencer got a call from his lifelong buddy Britton. Britton is now a long-haul trucker and he was going to be in our vicinity right about the time he would have to take a mandatory break. So, sometime after midnight he parked his rig at a nearby hotel and Spencer picked him up and brought him back to spend the night here.

At least this time I knew he was coming before I went to bed. There have been times when I’ve gotten up in the morning to discover an unidentified body lying on my couch. Usually, it was Britton!

This morning it was good to see him and hear about his wedding plans. His fiancée drove up from a nearby town and we all got to meet her as well. They were able to stay until lunchtime, after which Britton had to get back on the road and Kaylee had to head back home. That was a pleasant surprise!

This evening we went to Sam’s and did something we should have done years ago—mattress shopping. We were recently given some “unexpected” money and we knew that we really needed to spend it on a new mattress for us and one for Lucy also. Our mattress was well-used when we got it twenty years ago, and our duct tape repairs were no longer doing the job! Lucy’s was in even worse shape than ours. We still have three other mattresses that need replacing . . . but meanwhile I’m looking forward to a better quality of sleep tonight.


One thought on “Surprise House Guest

  1. So glad you finally got two new mattresses! I had wished that I could help you, but just can’t.
    Alice flew to DeMoine, IA this morning to have a short vacation with Katrin and their two cute daughters.
    Alice will be back September 27th.
    Alice didn’t really take a vacation this summer. So she gave a week to next years vacation so that she can spend three weeks in Germany. October 8th weekend she will be at Bryan Collage’s 30th Class anniversary. I can handle these short visits. I’ve asked the Smiths to pick me up for church Sunday morning. Love, Mom


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