Getting Stuff Done

Today didn’t go quite as hoped for, but at least I got some stuff done. I did some assembly-line sewing and completed four items, with two more almost done. I stripped Lucy’s bed to wash her linens, only to discover that her mattress was even worse than she’d admitted, and had shredded her sheet. The mattress is gone now. Hopefully we can replace it before she gets back! Most of the mattresses in this house are in dire need of replacement, to be honest.

I also worked on music at last, did some laundry, made bone broth, and got some knitting in. Mercy had asked me to get something for her at Walmart, and when I returned home, Mercy had just arrived. I have been so looking forward to her arrival, so it was a little dismaying to find that she’s not very thrilled to be home and is trying to figure out plans to leave again as soon as possible. She at least has to stay until she finds her passport, though!

Also, Mercy has joined Spencer in the vegan camp, so there were three separate suppers. I find this very depressing, to be honest.

Jasper took off for his class before the rest of us sat down for supper. He has joined a sword fighting club on the campus and this was his third week to go. He loves it and is learning a lot about historical battle/fighting tactics.

Meanwhile, Lucy got to help at her first Kids’ Club in Bolivia. She painted a lot of adorable little faces! They had requested face paint so I sent a bunch of it down with her.

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