More Bee Business

After the good news on Jasper’s bees yesterday, there was more bee news today. There is a swarm residing on our neighbors’ property (the ones who bought our old house). What makes it kind of amazing is that their son is Jasper’s buddy who got a hive this year, only to have his bees abscond like Jasper’s did last year. And now there is a big swarm living in a tree right in their yard!

The boys checked it out and Jasper even borrowed my tripod so they could take pictures inside the tree. It looks very busy in there. It sounds like an expert is going to be called in to handle this one.

Meanwhile, Walter verified what Jasper had heard, that there is yet another swarm on the campus at the moment. Jasper would kind of like to capture it, but that would require buying a new hive, and they are not cheap. I’ll keep you posted!

Today, when not helping Jasper with school, I was going through my sewing room and looking for something—a pattern I had misplaced. As always, when I look for something I end up getting a lot of cleaning and organizing done. Don’t get me wrong—my workspace is far from pristine, but it’s a lot better than it was this morning, and I DID find the pattern I needed, which led to a cutting-out spree, which will lead invariably to some sewing. I hope I can keep my momentum going for a while. My sewing list is very, very long.


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