Blissful Bees

Early this morning Jasper opened up his hive for the first time since getting his new bees back in July. He has been faithfully feeding them sugar water ever since getting them, to help them build up their hive, since it was a small hive to begin with. He found a busy, thriving hive that has expanded to the point that he needed to add his second box on to it. This is wonderful news! I encouraged him to keep feeding the bees till spring to make sure the hive stays strong through the winter. We do not want to lose another hive.

Meanwhile, I was kind of haunting my phone waiting for news from Lucy. Since she is out of the country, she will have to contact me via Messenger from her computer, which forced me to finally install it on my phone. I eventually received word that she had landed safely in Santa Cruz, then that she got through customs quickly, and got her ticket for Cochabamba. Then my friend Elizabeth messaged me that she was headed to the airport to get Lucy! She is now safely with our friends the Vargas family and her adventure has truly begun. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Jasper and I got started on school after he was done with his bees, and then while he worked on his own for a while, my friend Robin came over for a visit. It was so good to just sit and knit and relax without a huge deadline hanging over my head.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to catch up on after a week with house guests, but I’m looking forward to it. And this weekend, Mercy returns!



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